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Beautifully designed badges for many services.

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For now, please use the badge template.

If you need any new badges that are not already in the official repository, please create your own using this badge template. You can open it in Figma, which is a web-based design tool that Devin's Badges is made with. Why? I currently do not have enough motivation or time to work on this project. I probably wont close any issues for the time being, so that is why it is highly recommended to make your own. It's very easy to use the template, and it contains some instructions for new users.

Now, this doesn't mean the current files in the project are being removed or anything - they'll stay of course, I likely just wont be adding any new ones or accepting any PRs for now.

Thank you for understanding.

🏅 About

This is Devin's Badges! A project I work on in my spare time that contains cool badges for you to use in your projects.

I aim to be as consistent as possible with these. I also try to make these look great on most modern sites.

📰 Using in your project

Want to add these badges to your page? Head over to the badge reference to find the badges most fitting for your use, and how to use them. You can then copy the HTML code, which I recommend for best customizability, or the Markdown code for your chosen badge, and paste that into your file.

➕ Adding more badges

Want to add your own badge ideas to the project? Feel free to open up an issue and I'll make one!

You can make badges for your own personal use aswell if I am not available; it's pretty easy to make the badges as long as you know a bit of Figma.

⭐ Enjoy this project?

Please star the GitHub repository if you enjoy this project!

💁 Credits

For credits and other things along those lines, head over to the credits page.

❗ Disclaimer

This is currently a work in progress, I only have a few badges for a few services right now. However, I am planning to have a lot more badges eventually.